Cost Calculator

Use the calculator below to calculate your current costs then give us a call to see the impact we can make to your bottom line.

Supply Costs

Item Description Price Each
outside envelope #10 double window envelopes
.089 cents at an office superstore in boxes of 500  
inside envelope #9 window
.043 cents each at an office superstore in boxes of 500  
laser paper .015 cents each at an office superstore in reams of 500
laser toner based on research published on the internet
postage first class stamp 0.68
Total Supply Costs: $0.85

Labor Costs

Item Box Price Price Each
Average number of pieces completed per hour  
What is your time worth per hour? $
Total Labor Costs: $1.25
Cost Per Letter Sub-Total: $2.10

Overlooked Costs

Item Description Qty Price Each
How many letters do you mail each month    
How many special trips do you make each month for invoicing supplies or postage
Note: our research shows 2 extra trips are made each month by small businesses
minutes needed per trip
Costs per mile    
Miles traveled per trip    
Overlooked Labor Costs: 1.12
Mileage Costs (per invoice): 0.28
Total Overlooked Costs 1.40
Estimated Real Cost per Letter 3.50