What makes us different

Below are some features of this time saving process.

  • Templates Online for Instant Letter Creation
  • Online Proofing of One or All Letters
  • Email Confirmation of Mailing
  • Immediate Processing and Mailing
  • USPS Approved

Unique USPS Approved Integration

Through a unique integration with the United States Postal Service (USPS), LetterStream can automate your mail processing, reducing a frustrating process to just a couple of minutes. Eliminate every headache of preparing your mail with MailMyLetter's easy process. Never before has sending mail been so easy.

Time Saver

How will you continue to handle a growing need for sending mail? Eliminate the timeframe limitations and reduce your mailings to just minutes each month. At nearly a 90% reduction in time needed to create your mailings, mail will no longer be the topic of any meetings.